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Learn from my mistakes. - Eurirei
Learn from my mistakes.
Today I decided to conduct an experiment. I put the potatoes in the oven at 400 (Aside: OMG HUGE POTATOES!!!! THESE THINGS ARE BIGGER THAN MY HAND!! Ahem. End Aside) and as an afterthought, I put an egg in too. You know, to see what happened. Later, I went back to check on the potatoes (having detected an odd scent about the kitchen) and I found that my egg had semi-exploded and burnt up. and REEKED. and now our entire HOUSE smells like this disgusting, make-you-gag catastrophe. my sister made a "gas mask," and despite that there is snow outside, we have opened all the windows and a few of the doors. it REEKS.

So. Do not repeat my mistakes.

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Current Location: hiding out in my room, trying to escape the reek.

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