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Flowers!!!! - Eurirei
My mom's garden is blooming!!!

well, the crocuses are. and the snowdrops. PRETTY.

Just thought I'd share.

Also, my history teacher is fantastic. this is him outlining our week: "On monday we're watching a movie, on tuesday we annex texas, and on wednesday we fight the mexicans, so everybody bring your guns!"

He makes me smile. and twitch, with his "No-review-at-all-before-the-test!" mindset (seriously, we test the day after we finish taking notes) THIS IS NOT HONORS!!!!!!!


Anyway, I love my cat. she purrs. and cuddles.

Aside: I have rediscovered the sims. funfunfun for all. I didn't know I could make two same-gender sims fall in love! *goes off to make mischeif, and adopt kitties, and cast love spells, and toadify people, and redecorate houses (apparently, I am very good at this--you should see my prettypretty sim house!) and generally have fun*

...wow, this whole entry was many different kinds of random. and I'm even medicated right now!
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