I'm Baa~aack! I've been at my grandparents' house for the last few days, so I haven't had any internet. (At. All. the ONLY COMPUTER IN THE HOUSE had a screen that continually turned yellow-green and messed up all the colors, and NEVER had internet, or when it did it was so slow I could have started to load a window in the morning, leave for the day, and come back in the evening to find that the page had just. finished. loading. IF I was lucky, and it loaded at all!)
    Anyway, I got back Friday morning, after which I spent the day taking care of a 4-5 month old baby, a 3 year old and a six-year old. it was...hectic. insane. and my first experience taking care of a baby. Actually, come down to it, it was my first experience taking care of small children! (I HAVE babysat before, just only for my own siblings, who are 10 and 13 respectively. By the time I was old enough to babysit, Marsi at least was old enough to take care of herself, and help with the Bratling.)

    I suddenly understand sooo many episodes from my childhood, involving my mother getting very upset at me for no discernable reason. And I also suddenly have a whole new respect for my mother. She raised (is raising) THREE of us. If I ever have children, (and considering my complete lack of attraction to anyone in my life thus far, that is a big if) I will probably/possibly adopt, and I will probably only have one child, two at the most. I am far too much a child myself to take care of more than that. Anyway, I spent friday taking care of small children, and yesterday recovering.

    HOWEVER (Jeebus I just had to re-type that word six times, why can't I spell today? probably because I'm on my meds again for the first time in a week, despite that it's only a 1/3 dose...) I had much fun at my grandparents' house. I was very indulged (in other words, shamelessly spoiled by my dad, who is working there, and wanted us to come down and see his workplace and show us off. I am very affectionate, and many gleeful kisses and hugs every time something is purchased for one makes parents more likely to purchase other things--No, this was not intentional on my part, I was honestly that psyched.) We went to this huuuge nintendo showroom place, and I got to try out a wii (yes, I know I'm a geek, now shush) and I showed my true childishness by my behaviour there. (blissfully dancing with the little cheerleader-people in wario whatever, gleefully playing around, acting like--well, like a happy four year old. well, perhaps a six- or seven-year old, but you get the point.) We also went to a japanese bookstore (and OMG I have never been anyplace like that and OMG it was fantastic and I loved it!!!!) where I purchased a guide to manga japanese (all the slang etc) and a little kid's manga/picture book about adorable little kitties.
    After meeting my dad (yes, that was all just with my mom,) we went to china town, and on the way my sister saw a pair of cute polka-dotted ballet flats in the window of this shoe store, so we went inside to look around. I saw another pair of really cute shoes (flats, all ribbon-y, made out of a twisted net of red (leather?) ribbons, with a big red bow on top.) I loved them, and just for fun (I had no intention of buying them) I went to try them on. they were just a little too small, though, and when a nice shopperson saw me trying to try them on, he walked up o me and asked me what my shoe size was. I don't know my shoe size (it varies so much between stores/brands) so I just said "a little bit bigger than these" and he brought me the next size up. they fit lovely, and they were so adorable, and I just had to show my dad (so he could admore them too--I had no intention of buying them) but he asked how they fit, and since they fit well and seemed pretty comfy and weren't too expensive, he got them for me! I think that they are the only shoes I've ever bought just because they were pretty and I liked them, not because I needed new shoes.  I'm wearing them right now!
    When we arrived at chinatown, I got a whole bunch of japanese sweets--koala's march, hi-chews, pocky, things I've never seen outside of the omise at mori no ike--and a small, basic calligraphy/ sumi-e kit, complete with stone stamp to be carved at my discretion. to top it all off, we went to one of those fantastic cook-it-in-front-of-you japanese places (the only one I've ever been to besides that night it the one my dad takes me to for my birthday every year, and never any other time)!
    In sum, a fantastic day was had by all, and while I could never live in the city (too cramped, too noisy, too smelly, too dirty, too metal and not-green) I absolutely love it for trips. My dad is going to be bringing home a lot of japanese candy from now on.
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My little brother beat me at checkers for the first time today. I mean, I AM rusty (no one has been willing to play checkers with me for years because I always won), but not THAT rusty, and I creamed my dad not an hour before.

I was beaten because I made a stupid mistake. Otouto asked me to teach him checkers, so I slowly walked him through a game, and then played a game with him, using the exact same strategy, while my sister was watching distracting TV right next to me. So Otouto won. but not without a long, drawn out fight. I haven't played a game like that in years, even when people were willing to play me--a game which could go either way at any point.

Anyone want to play checkers?


My mom's garden is blooming!!!

well, the crocuses are. and the snowdrops. PRETTY.

Just thought I'd share.

Also, my history teacher is fantastic. this is him outlining our week: "On monday we're watching a movie, on tuesday we annex texas, and on wednesday we fight the mexicans, so everybody bring your guns!"

He makes me smile. and twitch, with his "No-review-at-all-before-the-test!" mindset (seriously, we test the day after we finish taking notes) THIS IS NOT HONORS!!!!!!!


Anyway, I love my cat. she purrs. and cuddles.

Aside: I have rediscovered the sims. funfunfun for all. I didn't know I could make two same-gender sims fall in love! *goes off to make mischeif, and adopt kitties, and cast love spells, and toadify people, and redecorate houses (apparently, I am very good at this--you should see my prettypretty sim house!) and generally have fun*, this whole entry was many different kinds of random. and I'm even medicated right now!


Jebus, what is wrong with me lately??!?!? I have been sleeping so much it isn't even funny. yesterday, I woke up at 11:00 am, and then was SO EXHAUSTED that I had to go straight to sleep at 8:00 that evening. I mean, what. the. heck?!?!!? It's just absurd! I'*falls aseep at desk*

WHOA I DID NOT*is asleep again*
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Learn from my mistakes.

Today I decided to conduct an experiment. I put the potatoes in the oven at 400 (Aside: OMG HUGE POTATOES!!!! THESE THINGS ARE BIGGER THAN MY HAND!! Ahem. End Aside) and as an afterthought, I put an egg in too. You know, to see what happened. Later, I went back to check on the potatoes (having detected an odd scent about the kitchen) and I found that my egg had semi-exploded and burnt up. and REEKED. and now our entire HOUSE smells like this disgusting, make-you-gag catastrophe. my sister made a "gas mask," and despite that there is snow outside, we have opened all the windows and a few of the doors. it REEKS.

So. Do not repeat my mistakes.

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Goddess, I just read that last post, and I am crazy. Insane. I think my classmates may have been right.


Also, Busy. verybusy. And, my Grandma fails at matzoballs. my mom wins, but my grandma fails. or so I've heard. I don't like matzoballs.

and my little brother found the afikomen. drat.

Also, Passover. Sedars. notfun. well, mostly notfun. long. dull. boring. FOOD IS YUMMY SMELLING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND YOU CAN'T EAT IT.

Also, I don't like hebrew, nor am I any good at it (can't even recite the alphabet) despite being batmitzvaed.

Also, I wrote my first fic today. Harvest Moon, More Friends of Mineral Town.

It is awful. I am ashamed. blame Rhianwen. (go to and see her fic "Hats off to you" and you will understand.)

I am a hopeless romantic. and my first attempt at fanfic died, miserably. I comfort myself that I did not actually turn Farmergirl's hair brown and short, though I did make it curly. In passing.

I am ashamed.

Also, Happy birthday to me. ^-^
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OH, AND--PIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPLE PIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH VANILLA ICECREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Recipe for ultimate Deliciousness:
Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, frozen raspberries.

Instructions: take raspberries, pour desired amount into cup or bowl (I recommend ~1/2-2/3 cups.) Place in microwave, heat for ~ 1 1/2-2 minutes. remove. berries should be a warm/hot mush. serve self bowl of vanilla ice cream. pour raspberries over ice cream. enjoy.

Yum. just thought I'd share. ^-^
*goes away to savor her treat*

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Nothing interesting happened today, except that I had to clean the whole kitchen because my siblings are apparently useless, and failed to clean it after EITHER dinner last night OR breakfast this morning. ...X.X dead.