eurirei's Journal

3 April
Okay, I don't tell much about myself online, (ie, no age, location, etc--ANYTHING)but I will say a little bit about myself.

1. I don't swear. I don't mind it when other people swear, but I just..don't. basically ever. No, I don't understand me either.

2. I can be thoughtful, contemplative and philisophical one minute and a hyperactive overly-affectionate, insanely cheerful four-year-old the next.

3. I'm...clueless. in a really weird way. I hate it when people try to flirt or come on to me (assuming I notice--and that's a big if,) I don't understand dirty jokes, my mind just isn't wired to make those kinds of connections. whatever is said, I will practically guaranteed take the most ridiculously innocent view. or just not get it, and stare in bewilderment. I do the same thing with social cues and undertones; basically everyone where I grew up hates/ed me, and we didn't get along, at all. still don't. anyway, result=I never learned any of the basic social skills that I ought have. this is also probably responsible for my innocent mindset; as a little girl who was never exposed to that kind of stuff, my brain never developed the necesary software/programming. also, I am RIDICULOUSLY gullible. I fell for "gullible is written on the ceiling" sitting OUTSIDE.

4. I...get scared/creeped out/upset very easily. IE, I don't deal well with people hurting. to the point where I still hesitate to watch movies that are either a) PG-13 (I don't watch anything higher, EVER) b)made with people actors (yes, I am pathetic. but as a child, the only things that had people in them were "adult stuff" (read: recorded episodes of my parents' TV shows/ parents' movies) anyway, I wasn't interested then, nor am I now) or c)showed any signs of being REMOTELY frightening/disturbing. (trust me, I am, if anything, UNDERSTATING this)

5. I love kitties, and soft fluffy things (including stories!). but kitties most of all. (do not get me started on the cats-vs-dogs debate. trust me, the outcome Will. Not. Be. Pleasant. unless you are a devoted cat lover too, but in that case I'm just preaching to the converted. which is kinda pointless.) I sleep with my darling kitten and a soft-n-squishy, honey-colored teddybear as big as I am. His name is BearBear.

6. I am STILL attempting to write a story that I have been trying to write for YEARS, and my fantasy world has taken over my life. therefore, I might not make much sense at times. also, please do not try to make me write fic, because my world is so much a part of me right now that I can't really write anything that doesn't have to do with it in some way. in particular, the main character loves to make cameos in other universes and set them to rights, because she's just like that.

Hm...I think that's everything. I'll add more if it occurs to me.

Wow. I thinks that's the most I've ever written about myself online, ever. O.O